12 Month Stats

Height: 29 inches (23rd percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs 12 oz (53rd percentile*)
Head circumference: 47.1 cm (70th percentile)

So basically I have a troll baby – short and fat with a huge head.

We saw a doctor I hadn’t seen before and while she was very nice she asked ALL the questions I had been dreading and offered a lot of advice I have no interest in following. For example, she said Baby Evan “shouldn’t” eat at night anymore. Since he’s not really eating solids yet, I don’t mind getting up with him for a few minutes once or twice a night so I asked if the no night feedings rule was for him or for me. She amended her statement to “Well, he really needs to be able to put himself to sleep.” Ok, well since we’ve got that one down, the night feedings aren’t really an issue. Thanks for the advice.

Then she wanted to know how long I planned to keep nursing and I was unable to form a complete sentence. “Uh, er, well, I was going to nurse for a year but since I can’t really stop right now, maybe 2 years? But if he starts eating maybe just a few more months? But if he’s not eating then definitely until he does unless that’s like when he’s 12 because THAT’S not going to happen I mean unless he might DIE. Because I don’t want him to starve to death. So, uh, um, probably for a while.” Luckily she didn’t seem worried about the food thing and just suggested we continue to offer him whatever we’re eating.

I asked the doctor if I should be concerned about Baby Evan’s tendency to break out in HORRIBLE RED RASHES every time he’s exposed to dirt, eggs, fruit, dogs, sunshine, fabric and a lot of other stuff. Basically, LIFE. She wasn’t worried. So no officially diagnosis of eczema or dermatitis or…horrible red rash disease. I guess I’ll be buying a lot more Aquaphor.

Baby Evan also had the last of his Pneumococcal vaccines, the Varicella (chicken pox) vaccine, an iron level check and, MOST HORRIBLE OF ALL, his lead levels checked. Since they don’t want to do an IV draw on a baby the nurse just used the finger prick from the iron test to squeeze out a baby-sized vial of blood. She was very gentle about it, even when Evan kicked her in the face. Nurses are such amazing people.

Next check-up is in 3 months. I hope by then I can report LOTS of eating and LOTS of sleeping to the doctor.

*Based on the chart my pediatrician uses. Based on the WHO growth chart for breastfed boys, he’s closer to the 65th percentile

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  1. Mindy says:

    What I hate the most about these checkups are the same printed off age-appropriate tip sheets the pediatrician always sends home. I don’t want these. They are going in recycling. Can’t they email them or send me to a website?! What a waste! With both of my kids, I’ve been lucky enough to find (or switch to) doctors who make it more of a conversation. Like, “I’m a mom, you’re a mom. Let’s get real.” and “Seriously. There are no stupid questions.” It’s also cool to see someone sharing vaccination info, since so many bloggers are anti-vaccines these days. :0)

  2. Troll baby made me LOL. I have switched from referring to my baby’s giant head from ‘pumpkin head’ to ‘melon head’ as melon seems more seasonally appropriate.

    About the rash: I just noticed Ivy breaking out in a red rash on her back sometimes and also noticed it on the back of her neck. Could it mayeb be heat rash or heat related? Ivy sweats alot when she’s falling asleep so that’s what I linked it too. Horrible red rash disease sounds about right though. I am a big fan of California Baby Calendula cream, it’s expensive but works on like, everything.

  3. brigidkeely says:

    Huh. Your little guy looks SO FREAKING HUGE, but he’s an inch shorter and a pound lighter than Niko. Possibly it’s because your fella has a normal sized head, whereas Niko apparently has a tiny pin head. Sorry, guy. You got my head, I guess.

    Just FYI, E might get really sleepy/cranky/out of it in 7-10 days from the MMR shot, which can cause fever and joint pain (and, sometimes, a rash). Keep infant tylenol or whatever on hand to dose him with, or be prepared for a baby who crashes and does nothing but eat and sleep for a day or two.

    Niko had his iron and lead levels checked last visit and they did a straight up blood draw. I am SO FREAKING GLAD my husband was with me and held Niko. I was too busy pacing to be helpful.

    I don’t know how often you bathe E, but cutting back might help his rashes. Water and soap are both very drying. Whatever creams or lotions you use, make sure they’re non-scented. Our pediatrician specifically recommends Eucerin (although that DOES contain lanolin which some people are allergic to). We use that and Vaseline on Niko and it really helps keep his itchy scratchies in cheek. We also coat his cheeks/chest in Vaseline when he’s exceptionally drooly, and we get his face really good if it’s cold and he goes outside (not so much an issue now, I guess) which help head trouble off at the pass.

  4. bebehblog says:

    Mindy – I suppose you could call me pro-vaccine. Although I’ve had my concerns I 100% believe in the research that says they do much more good than harm. Although once we get to the huge number of shots around the 2 year mark we may space them out, Baby Evan will be getting them all.

    Holly – We have that California Baby Calendula cream and I LOVE it. It really helped with Baby Evan’s dry, rashy back (his WHOLE back). But now he gets these little red spots, sort of like pimples, on his neck and thighs and I’m pretty sure he had a mild yeast infection inside his left thigh. I treat him with all my natural, hippie stuff and it gets better but if I slack off for even one day he’s a mess. Now he has the dry, rashy spots on one cheek. Guess I’ll invest in another jar of the calendula.

    Brigid – No, he didn’t have the MMR yet. Apparently my doctor starts it at 15 months instead. She did warn me he might get a few pox and a fever in 7-10 days and he was veeeeery cranky and sleepy today.

  5. Annika says:

    My son is small and thin, he was 29 inches at 12 months and weighed 19 pounds.

    Now at year and 8 months he’s 32 inches and weighs around the same as your son.

  6. brigidkeely says:

    Speaking of baby milestones, in the next few days (if he hasn’t already) he might suddenly get super clumsy as he switches from babyzillaing around with stiff knees to walking in a more adult way with bent knees.

    A friend of mine, whose kid is 5 weeks older than mine, warned me that his kid started falling all over the place, then started proto-running. Sure enough, Niko belly flopped yesterday while walking forward, and apparently took a few tumbles this morning as well as he tries to master the use of his knees.

    Ehhh… maybe E has already done this, wunderkind he is. ;)

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